Ranch Life…2 years later!

Well a lot has happened in the last 24 months, blogging has not been one of them! I plan to make more blog posts in the next couple of months…stay tuned!

I will say this…When you move to the country from the city, you give up a lot, but you gain so much more! My AC may not be central and WiFi may not always cooperate, and well, well water may have a little “extra” in it, but the peace and quiet, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, space, and our growing brood of cows, it all makes up for it…and I am loving every crazy minute of it….2 years later! In the next month we will be meeting with the barndo builders and get a tour of some already built models…I am so ready for this next chapter…I’d say I’ve acclimated pretty well (I always knew my heart was in the country since I was a little girl) ❤️❤️This girl is blessed!

Author: ranchlife10

A newby blogger, mom, and outdoor enthusiast!

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