Ranch Life…From a Mostly City Girl’s P.O.V.!


I can’t tell you how many times, during my searches on Pinterest or the internet in general, that I have come across blogs and wondered what made someone decide to blog about something? Hmmmm…I think it has to be something one is passionate about, a lifestyle, or maybe a way one gets their voice heard. For me, blogging is a way for me to catalogue my thoughts and express myself and maybe, just maybe, appeal to other like minded people!

I wasn’t really raised in the country but as far back as I can remember, I have dreamed of living the country way of life. It started with my Meemaw’s stories of growing up on the family farm, canning, growing veggies and fruit, picking cotton, raising chickens, fishing for catfish as a young girl, making homemade soap from lye and pig lard…so many other things she shared. She instilled in me a sense of simplicity and honesty and it has never left me! I have always loved the idea of the simplicity of being able to walk out on your back porch and NOT hear your neighbor power washing their driveway or the constant noise of planes taking off and landing; part of the price one pays for convenience because you live in the flight path of a large metro city airport!

I love the possibilities raw land has to offer. There is something very therapeutic about getting one’s hands dirty, growing your own veggies and fruits, preserving your own food, raising chickens for fresh eggs, hunting your land for deer, turkey, dove, hogs…you get the picture. I am looking forward to bringing you on my journey and to be able to chronicle my transition into ranch life…so come along with me and see “Ranch Life…From a Mostly City Girl’s point of view”!

Author: ranchlife10

A newby blogger, mom, and outdoor enthusiast!

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