Ranch Life…2 years later!

Well a lot has happened in the last 24 months, blogging has not been one of them! I plan to make more blog posts in the next couple of months…stay tuned!

I will say this…When you move to the country from the city, you give up a lot, but you gain so much more! My AC may not be central and WiFi may not always cooperate, and well, well water may have a little “extra” in it, but the peace and quiet, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, space, and our growing brood of cows, it all makes up for it…and I am loving every crazy minute of it….2 years later! In the next month we will be meeting with the barndo builders and get a tour of some already built models…I am so ready for this next chapter…I’d say I’ve acclimated pretty well (I always knew my heart was in the country since I was a little girl) ❤️❤️This girl is blessed!

The Joys (mostly pitfalls) of Rural Internet and Cell Phone Reception: Data Jail, I Steam, You Stream, and Novice Ghost Hunting


IMG_4463Moving is no fun! It’s even less fun when you’re moving rurally! I’m sure that most of you have households that almost solely run on wifi!  Am I right? Well when you live in the “next to the middle of nowhere”, it can be a challenge to get your home equipped with reliable internet service…or cell phone service for that matter! My search for wifi started about a month ago…unfortunately there were not many options as far as internet. I will refrain from naming companies in here but let’s just suffice it to say, no familiar names were available, so I think you get the point! I did my research and ended up going with a satellite ISP! It was the only option in my area. I was told, that like satellite tv, weather can affect the internet and we could have “outages”. Hmmm, well I’m sure that I will report/rant on that when I cross that bridge(s) in the future!

We got rid of traditional cable tv almost 3 years ago, with a small stint of satellite tv because our cell phone bill skyrocketed.  Our cell phone company offered unlimited data with an agreement to have satellite tv for at least a year , and somehow were able to bring the bill down a bit. Every month we went over our data before that. There are four of us, our oldest being away at college (Whoop! Gigem!), so we all need Wi-Fi access and use a lot of data! We all have streaming devices which we use in place of cable, not to mention, the oldest has had to use data at times when she was in between dorms/ apartments while away at college when Wi-Fi was unavailable. Me and my husband would get that lovely little text maybe 3/4 way through our billing cycle stating that we had gone over or were so-and-so-many gbs from going over our data limit then the culprit would be put on data lockdown and be forced to use only Wi-Fi to stream, by the Data Jailer, i.e..my husband! I will make a confession, I was sometimes, a lot of times, the main culprit! LOL! But really, who wants to sit in front of a computer/tv screen when you have been behind a computer all day at your job?? Not me! Sooo, I would stream whatever show I was binge watching, on my iPhone on LTE, on my lunch or breaks at work, on the back deck…wherever the mood struck me…until I was put on data lockdown by the Data Jailer a time or two! Then I said enough is enough! Long story short, that was about the time that our cell phone service provider offered an unlimited data plan, if we signed up for a very basic satellite tv service from a well known company that they had recently acquired, for a year. I know, I digress, but the point is, we need reliable Wi-Fi! After being told by one of the satellite internet providers in the county where the ranch is, that there was a “ridge” to the south of our property that “may” impede reception, I decided to nip that experience in the bud and moved onto the next company. And so the rural internet adventure begins…Our installation is set for Sunday! I will report on that at a later time!

Cell phone reception, ah yes well, we are all familiar with the famous retired marketing quote of another well known cell phone company, “Can You Hear Me Now?”…that is the story of my cell phone reception at the ranch. There are cold spots in the house as I have recently discovered. Time of day is also a factor. If I could be seen in the ranch house walking around with my cell raised up, it might look like I’m a paranormal investigator trying to pick up EMF readings, but in reality dammit, I’m trying to get a warm spot so I can check my Facebook messages! LOL. Reception outside is a little better, but it’s not always convenient walking all the way out into the middle of the open pasture, and sometimes it scares our cattle! Lol! There is reception at the ranch, we will just need to document all the cold spots and establish patterns of non-reception whether it be time of day, weather, etc. We haven’t installed a hard phone line but that could change in the near future because, all kidding aside, it would be horrible to be without a phone in case of a real emergency. Sooo I will report on that later also!

This is the last week we will be true city birds. Our moving van has been reserved, and most of our belongings will be moved from our house in the suburbs on Saturday. I myself will make an overnight stay at the ranch tonight to bring most of the contents of our bar to it’s resting place for the next few months, a few other pantry items and such, and to feed JC, the barn kitty that adopted us! Until later…

Ranch Life…From a Mostly City Girl’s P.O.V.!


I can’t tell you how many times, during my searches on Pinterest or the internet in general, that I have come across blogs and wondered what made someone decide to blog about something? Hmmmm…I think it has to be something one is passionate about, a lifestyle, or maybe a way one gets their voice heard. For me, blogging is a way for me to catalogue my thoughts and express myself and maybe, just maybe, appeal to other like minded people!

I wasn’t really raised in the country but as far back as I can remember, I have dreamed of living the country way of life. It started with my Meemaw’s stories of growing up on the family farm, canning, growing veggies and fruit, picking cotton, raising chickens, fishing for catfish as a young girl, making homemade soap from lye and pig lard…so many other things she shared. She instilled in me a sense of simplicity and honesty and it has never left me! I have always loved the idea of the simplicity of being able to walk out on your back porch and NOT hear your neighbor power washing their driveway or the constant noise of planes taking off and landing; part of the price one pays for convenience because you live in the flight path of a large metro city airport!

I love the possibilities raw land has to offer. There is something very therapeutic about getting one’s hands dirty, growing your own veggies and fruits, preserving your own food, raising chickens for fresh eggs, hunting your land for deer, turkey, dove, hogs…you get the picture. I am looking forward to bringing you on my journey and to be able to chronicle my transition into ranch life…so come along with me and see “Ranch Life…From a Mostly City Girl’s point of view”!